Our Vision.

UAV technology is becoming increasingly common as various industries realize the value and potential of these flying machines. As with all other aircraft that share American skies, The FAA will be releasing knowledge and training requirements to ensure safety, efficiency and professionalism in the growing UAV industry.

UAVs Of Damocles is ahead of the curve in becoming the FIRST  in Florida to require that our technicians and pilots be certified in the following areas:



Safety is a primary concern with unpiloted aircraft.  A detailed understanding of regulations associated with airspace classification, pilot and aircraft requirements and general flight rules is essential.


Though operations are limited to line of sight, route choice, radio theory and basic operational calculations are practical skills to have when flying UAVs.  ALL of our techincians/pilots posses knowledge of the charts, procedures and terminology used by all pilots in America.


UAV flying is hugely influenced by weather. We require our technician/pilots have  an understanding and ability to interpret all the weather data  available and use this invaluable skill.



Our Solution.

Since We are a group of industry professionals, each with a specialization that makes us the perfect team to run an aerial systems development and operations company

UAVs Of Damocles team has a wealth of experience in product development and bringing emerging technologies to market. Our team is working hard on closing the gaps between unmanned systems, regulation, and bussiness  value.




Our Services.

Aerial photographs are used across many industries including real-estate, marketing, brochures etc. but low altitude, high quality shots can only be attained with our multi-rotor UAV systems. Our cameras range from full size DSRL down to point and shoot depending on the clients requirements and budget.

Our extensive line up of multirotor UAV’s carry anything from a full size DSLR down to a Go-Pro Hero 4. Some of these machines are operated by two people, one as a pilot and the other controls the pan and tilt of the camera. All setups are complete with a live video downlink to ensure the best possible footage

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